Pat Salmon

Pat Salmon, founder of Pat Salmon and Sons, Inc.

Salmon Companies started in 1946 as a U.S. Mail carrier operating one straight truck on a route from Harrison, Arkansas to Little Rock, Arkansas. Every night, Pat Salmon himself would drive the truck, getting the mail to Little Rock on time. Since then the company has not lost its focus, direction or forgotten its origin.

Transporting the mail has become more sophisticated with regard to the equipment used, but the principle remains the same, “safely on time, every time”.

Today the company transports mail in almost every state in the contiguous United States and has full-service maintenance facilities in several major cities throughout the country, creating many new jobs in the trucking industry in the process. We are the largest ground transportation supplier to the United State Postal Service. We continually work to partner with the USPS to safely and efficiently transport the nation’s mail, while controlling cost and providing best value to our customer.

Salmon Companies operates with three objectives:

• Provide exceptional service and value to our customers;
• Provide a safe and rewarding working environment for our employees;
• Be professional ambassadors of the road, as recognized by those who share the road with us.

Original Salmon mail truck

One of the original mail trucks where it all started in Harrison, Arkansas

Mail hauling buses

In the 1960’s, specially designed buses were used to transport mail. Each bus was operated by a driver and a mail clerk, with the mail clerk “strapped” in the back of the bus sorting mail.

Modern Mail Truck

Our mail hauling fleet today!

Our commitment to safety is demonstrated through our investment in people, systems, and technology. We have dedicated safety managers leading our safety programs in every region of the company. We recognize professional drivers need the right tools to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. We invest annually in new equipment. Our maintenance teams are focused on keeping safe and well-maintained trucks and trailers on the road. We operate with cutting edge DriveCam in-cab technology that has produced more targeted safety training and exonerated numerous drivers when law enforcement or third parties have attempted to incorrectly place blame on our drivers. We strive to be among the safest truck driving companies, hiring only qualified and safe drivers providing National Safety Council (NSC) defensive driver training. We have award and recognition programs designed to reward those drivers who are the embodiment of our safety practices and principles.

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USPS Quality Supplier Award

Salmon Companies has won a number of industry awards for excellence in mail transportation and was chosen as the USPS’ “Quality Supplier” in 1997, the first in the ground transportation sector to be chosen as such.

Eagle Spirit Award

The Eagle Spirit award is given to United States Postal Service Highway Contractors that have provided exemplary service. We are honored to have received this award numerous times over the years.

A large percentage of our fleet uses the most innovative emissions technology to protect the environment and maximize fuel economy. We have an electronic dispatch system that facilitates paperless timekeeping for driver pay and fuel taxes. We use TMT maintenance software in our shops to track repairs and preventative maintenance. For on-the-road fueling, we use Voyager fleet cards and Comdata cards. The use of technology allows us to better manage our business and control cost, so we will continue to be the leader in the USPS mail contracting industry for many years to come. Salmon Companies strives to deliver “safely on time, every time”.